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Travel tips » How to stay in a hotel for free?
Isn't it nice to get rewarded for every hotel booking you make online? It is possible with one of the best hotel reservation sites HotelClub. It is a worldwide hotel booking service with access to over 35 000 hotels in 120 countries. You can get up to 60% discount on hotel rates.

At HotelClub, members get rewarded with discounts and free stays in their favourite hotels. Every booking made by you through HotelClub will earn you Member Dollars member dollar depending on the total amount you have to pay for a hotel.

These Member Dollars member dollar can be used to pay for all or part of your hotel bookings or accumulated to be redeemed for free hotel stays. What's more - Member Dollars member dollar can be used whenever and wherever you want - you are not restricted to specific hotels or dates!

Remember: you can always earn Member Dollars member dollar using comparison system when you choose the best rate provided by HotelClub!

So, why don't you join HotelClub and get a free hotel for your next vacation?

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