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The mission of the is to offer the best hotel reservation tool and essential travel information for a modern independent world traveller.

Content is a hotel booking and travel inspiration site that contains:
1. A free hotel comparison tool which compares hotel offers of more than 30 top reservation sites and shows all available rates. It's the easiest way to find the cheapest hotel room rates over the Internet and make a direct booking. This tool saves time and money on hotel reservations.
2. A compilation of exotic destinations of the world with short presentations and essential information.
3. A Travel calendar of the year that shows which countries are recommended to visit in particular months according to climate and weather conditions.
4. A Trip calculator which calculates distance and flight time between cities and destinations.
5. A Flight planner which compares 600 airlines around the world for the best flights and connections.
6. Travel tips with useful information regarding accommodation, transportation and other travel related issues.
7. Other travel related information.

Brand name

The name of the website 'Hotelbooklet' consists of two words: 'hotel' for hotel reservations and 'booklet' for travel information. This combination gives the basic description and the purpose of the website.


• April, 2007 - the domain name was registered.
• September, 2007 - the website was first launched.
• December, 2007 - a hotel comparison tool was integrated in the website.
• April, 2008 - a new redesigned version of the website was launched.
• October, 2008 - the website was optimised and enhanced. 2 new travel tools were added - flight planner and distance calculator.
• March, 2010 - the website was optimised, slightly redesigned and enhanced with a rating system.

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